FB to Blair: RedRock Fire - 1/14/14
It was Quite a Day! Those huge yellow swollen-belly water dropping planes are VERY DRAMATIC as they fly SO LOW. Must have been at least 15 drops, plus the intermittent helicopter water-drop. They did react FAST, though. One minute Bill is saying "we just lost the net" and the next the helicopter is looking in our window wondering why I am still wearing PJs. The swarm of planes came soon after. Bill & I have just joined t-cep (Topanga Emergency group) and so we had HAM radios & could hear what the FD was saying. We also self-crowned ourselves as Neighborhood Network leaders this year and so we schlepped down to Children's Corner and the Montessori school to share our radio info. I tried to take pix since you could see the smoke and water drops from the corner of Valley & OT, but I guess adrenaline did not improve my already limited artistic abilities. I'll wait and be humbled by coverage in the next Messenger... Around dusk, we walked down to the cleanup site and the fireman I asked said they thought it was a broken power line that set the junipers (UGLY UGLY UGLY trees) at the corner of Redrock & OT on fire. Now they look even worse. Not having communication all day besides radio BLOWS, but at least we had power and so last night we FINALLY watched that 4-hour documentary on UC Berkeley we had TiVoed. WTF did the Pioneers do?! Last pisser of all - it's important to focus on The Little THings so you don't get Really Scared - we got Upstaged by the Rager on PCH & Chatauqua that broke out later in the day so it's hard to find any news coverage on our armageddon. Let alone that I was So Worried that my Family and Friends were concerned and we could not get word out - Good for you Craig, going up to Skyline to get phone service - and this morning it is only this FB entry from Blair to make us feel loved... Maybe we need a hobby...?

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